Sunday, May 23, 2010

And just like that, it's summer.

We've had unseasonably cool weather for the last couple of weeks. That is until yesterday, when the heat and humidity road the wind on in and unpacked their bags. I have to say, I'm happy to see them. I'm sure I'll be taking that back long before August, but I was beginning to wonder when summer would arrive...

On Friday I shipped off my very first Buffalo Lucy order! I must admit, it was a little bitter sweet. Such a thrill to be sending my work off to its new home, but a little hard to say goodbye to something I've poured pieces of myself into. I get very attached to each creation as I saw and hammer and torch them into what they ultimately become. And then I feel proud of them and protective of them. Like my children. I look at each one and beam, "I made that!" So it's a little hard to say goodbye. But exciting to send them off. Exciting to think that these things I made are out there in the world, living their own little inanimate lives.

And speaking of sending things out into the world; please note that any orders placed after 10:00 am on Wednesday morning will not ship until I return from my vacation on June 3rd. Orders placed before that will go out before I leave.

Happy almost-Monday, sunny-ones!