Thursday, November 18, 2010

New Jewelry!


I've had quite a productive week so far! Three new pieces for you:

First, one of my favorite stones ever, Tiffany stone (also known as Bertrandite), simply set in rusticated sterling silver:

I knew as soon as I got this stone that I would set it like this. The stone speaks for itself.

And this one came from an idea I tried to execute way back in March, but I was so new to smithing that I made a million and one mistakes and despite my attempts to make something of it (all the way up until late this summer!), I finally decided to scrap it. Here's the same idea in it's new (and properly executed) form:

Yellow jasper and sterling. Sits pleasingly and comfortably asymetrically:

And finally, a necklace similar to the custom order I completed a couple of weeks ago:

Resin (I did not make the resin cabachon), amethyst, turquoise and sterling

Hoping to get these in the shop a little later tonight (gotta get the kiddies in bed first!). Oh! And if you haven't already, join my email list (link to the form in the sidebar on the right) because I'm going to be sending out a discount code to email list members in the very near future.

PS. I know I missed list it Tuesday. Next week!

PPS. It's almost Friday! :)

PPPS. A note about pricing: the price of silver has almost doubled since I bought my first piece of silver sheet less than 1 year ago. The prices of handmade sterling silver jewelry items may seem like a lot (especially if you're not used to buying handmade), but I use expensive, quality materials and each piece takes many hours to complete. I use a formula based on the cost of the materials and the time put into the piece to arrive at a price. Feel free to send me a note if you have any questions about prices (or anything else!).

Monday, November 15, 2010

Kansas, as big as you think.

You know that's the Kansas state motto, right? Yep.

We (actually, I think it was Foxy) spotted this handsome fellow on our Kansas City detour to Costco  on Saturday morning. It was on the side of an auto shop. The burly men who worked there seemed bemused by the fact that I was taking pictures of the wall. I'm sure they thought I was a (lost) tourist.

In shop news, I'm hoping to have a few new things for you by the end of this week. I didn't get any studio time over the weekend (busy going to Costco and taking pictures of auto shop murals and all) but last week I finished my very favorite piece EVER. I can't post pictures yet because it was a custom order and is going to be a gift for someone. Once she has seen it, I'll post the pictures. It's fabulous (if I do say so myself) and if I hadn't made it as a custom order I would have ended up keeping it for myself. My creative fire is stoked and I can't wait to get back in the studio!

See you tomorrow for list it Tuesday!