Friday, March 4, 2011

Bad blogger!

So I don't blog as much as I wish I could. Here's the thing: I spend most of my time parenting, being a wife, going to class, studying, and doing my full time day job. After that I have to decide how to spend whatever other time I can carve out. There's taking and editing photos (love), blogging (love), or spending time in my studio making pretty things (obviously love!). Oh, and sleeping (love). Can't forget sleeping. Anyway, when time is tight (uhh, always!) I usually end up choosing studio time (yes, even over sleep).

School and work (and a ridiculous number of migraines) have made time especially tight these last few weeks. But I have finished a thing or two in the studio and decided it was time to share them here. As well as a few other fun (to me, at least!) pictures...

I finished this a couple of weeks ago but hadn't had a chance to post it. It was a custom request to set this piece of sea glass, collected on the coast of Maine, into a ring. I really love how it came out:

Sea Glass and Sterling Ring

Sea Glass and Sterling Ring

And I finished this one earlier this week. This stone is amazing! There's no way to really capture it in a photograph. It's like an oil slick... at first glance, it appears black, but when it catches the light it's a rainbow of velvety colors:

Royal Velvet Obsidian and Sterling

It's in the shop now.

I'm working on a necklace and a couple of other things in the studio at the moment (not right at *this* moment, but you know what I mean!), which may or may not be done by the end of the weekend. I also have an African History exam on Monday, so we'll see...

In other news, my little ones have been growing up way too fast. Alice is pretty much walking now (I say pretty much because she still crawls as much as she walks but she'll actually walk of her own accord now, without prompting, and seems to be getting closer to using walking as her preferred method of travel) and she's even used the potty a couple of times!! This is HUGE news considering we didn't even know if our little miracle girl was going to have the use of her arms and legs. ♥

Here's a picture I took earlier this week of the three loves of my life as we walked to the car from Alice's daycare:

I'm one lucky mama.

And last (and, yeah, probably least), a picture of my tattoo that I don't think I've ever fully shown here before. I took it trying to get pictures of the Royal Velvet ring. Obviously not a great picture of the ring, but it turned out to be a pretty good one of the tattoo! The weather is finally warming up so I'll get to be showing it off again soon. (just in time for your visit, mom! haha!) ;)

Happy weekend, my friends!